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The big question mankind has been debating for a lifetime if there
 is other life beyond the stars?
 Some people believe its been a big hoax that there is no way life is out there and others belief there is a good chance there could be life beyond the stars. I for one believe there is life out there. My question to the people out there who don' t believe---why is it only us then??
 To me there is alot of things that can't  be explained. I just want to truth someday. My next point may be alittle out there- but to you really believe the government would tell us the truth if there is life out there? Do I have to bring up Roswell?  And to everyone-It was a coverup!!!
 I know there's been hoaxes, alot of them. But there is also alot of things that we still to this day that can' t be explained. I believe someday we will find out the truth.
 My last point, " If it is only us it would be a awful waste of space!!" Thank you and I hope you enjoy this website.




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